Computer Acceptable Use Policy

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Within existing school policy, including Standards of Conduct, computer information technology is to be used to support, advance, and enhance learning and productivity in order to achieve CAJ's mission.
  • Computers can only be used for school work during class, unless the teacher specifically allows an exception.
  • Users are responsible for the safety and security of their account and computer.
  • Users are responsible for properly saving their files.
  • Users will demonstrate discernment and caring for others when using computers. Do not use technology in ways that are objectionable, obscene, offensive, or harmful to yourself or others.
  • Users will respect others’ privacy. Do not access or use another’s account or open, read, modify or remove another's files, postings or emails.
  • Users will be good stewards of computer resources. Do not abuse, damage, or disrupt computers, networks, or other related technology.
  • Authorized staff will access personal accounts (including data on the server and the computer) and monitor usage when deemed necessary.
  • Violations of this policy will be reported to the appropriate authority and may result in discipline including the loss of computer privileges.
  • All computer use is covered by this policy, including school laptops (see 1:1) and personal computers (see Personal Computers on Campus).
  • Appropriate behavior is expected at all times, including outside of class or off campus.

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