School Open: Basketball Games Cancelled
The weather forecast is still changing - please watch for further updates. If you would like us to send your child home early, please call the office or send an email to attendance. As always, families should assess the situation and make decisions about the commute appropriate for their family.


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Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each class period.
  • Students are expected to be ready to study when the teacher begins class or must provide a valid pass in their agenda, or they will be marked tardy.
  • Students will receive a warning when they have a total of eight (8) tardies in one semester.
  • If a student receives ten (10) tardies in one semester, they will be required to attend Saturday School.
  • After they have accumulated the first ten tardies, they will receive the next warning at four (4) tardies and be required to attend a second Saturday school after five (5) tardies.

Failure to attend Saturday School may result in additional Saturday School time added on to the original penalty, and possibly suspension for disobedience.

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