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  • Many CAJ students commute to school by train. Students may request school verification forms for reduced train fare passes at the business office. Please apply one week prior to going to the local train station to purchase/renew a pass by filling out this form
    • Students older than 12 who are taking a JR train trip longer than 100 kilometers may apply for a special 20% discount form (gakuwari) in the business office.
  • CAJ is responsible for students on the trains and train platforms, and all school rules apply.
  • In addition, train regulations forbid the following:
    • Falsifying name, age, date, stations, or other items on the pass
    • Using another person's pass
    • Combining a ticket with a pass and not paying for stations in between
    • Failing to show the pass to train officials upon request
  • In addition to these legal requirements, CAJ students are expected to be polite, courteous, and well-mannered to and from school.
  • Students are expected not to:
    • Roughhouse on the trains or platforms
    • Hold the train doors open for friends who are late
    • Sit on the floors or stand on the seats of the trains
    • Swing from the handstraps
    • Block others from getting on or off the trains
    • Chase each other from car to car or on the platforms
    • Throw things out of the windows
    • Eat or drink on the trains
    • Run through the turnstiles to avoid paying
    • Create disturbances by loud or obnoxious behavior or by inappropriate use of cell phones, for example Train officials can suspend a train pass or charge substantial fines for misconduct. In addition,
  • CAJ may:
    • Reroute or reschedule a student’s travel
    • Require parents to accompany the student to make an apology to the stationmaster
    • Take other disciplinary action as necessary.

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