• Summer Scripture Memory: Are you ready to recite your verses?
    Contact ptaprays@caj.or.jp to be paired up with a listener. Recite verses by Sep. 19!
  • Seeking parents to listen to students' Scripture memory
    Just until Sep. 19. Contact ptaprays@caj.or.jp if you are interested!
Parent-Teacher Association
The CAJ PTA is an organization that supports the ministry of Christian Academy in Japan in fulfilling its mission of equipping students to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

The PTA is led by an executive committee that is responsible for its activities.

Volunteers are needed to assist in the many and various activities for which the PTA is responsible. If you are interested, please fill out the PTA Volunteer Form ( PDF | Word ).

All profits from the Thrift Shops, less 10% tithe, are used for various school projects. The tithe monies are used to support students on short-term mission trips. Some projects recur annually, such as underwriting part of the cost of the 8th grade and senior class trips.  Other requests for equipment, services, or activities not included in the current school budget are presented to the executive committee of the PTA at its monthly meetings after having been approved by the CAJ Leadership Team.

Discover more about the CAJ PTA by using the links in the "Life@CAJ" menu at the top of every page. Any questions you have may be directed to pta@caj.or.jp.

French 3 to "Antwerp"!

Playing in the Vivaldi quartet.

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Scripture Memory Program
CAJ students going into grades 4 through 12 are offered a ¥10,000 award for participating in the PTA Scripture Memory Program (100 verses total, or ¥2,500 per section), plus the treasure of God’s Word in their heart. They may memorize any of the sections from this PDF file or in a version of their choice.
  • Colossians 1:1-27 (27 verses)
  • Colossians 1:28 – 2:23 (25 verses)
  • Colossians 3:1-25 (25 verses)
  • Colossians 4:1-18 Psalm 127:1-5 (23 verses)
To sign up, students can simply send an e-mail to ptaprays@caj.or.jp, with "ScriptureMemory" as the subject and their name and grade next year in the body.