10:00 am start for Tuesday, January 23
Due to the snowy weather, school will begin for all students at 10:00 am on Tuesday, January 23 (2nd period for secondary). Please refer back to the website for any future updates. Families should assess the situation carefully and make decisions about the commute appropriate for their family and location.
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Insurance, Accident

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Accident Insurance

  • CAJ offers a worldwide accident insurance plan to supplement health insurance policies.
    • CAJ pays the fees directly (families are not billed separately) so that all students and staff members are covered by accident insurance.
  • Coverage pays up to ¥500,000 per person per accident, whether the accident happens in Japan or not and whether school is in session or not.
  • All families should have primary health and accident insurance in place, as required by Japanese law. Any expenses that are not covered by our accident policy are the responsibility of the family and the family's primary insurance vendor.
  • If the accident occurs on campus or during a school-sponsored event/activity, a staff member should fill out an accident report to help with insurance process. Parents or students who witness an accident are encouraged to report the incident to a CAJ staff person as soon as possible.

Health Insurance

  • CAJ does not provide health insurance for students. It is the responsibility of parents to provide health insurance for their children.

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