• Thrift Shop is coming soon!
    Thrift Shop is just 19 days away.
  • Volunteers needed for Thrift Shop!
    Please turn in your Volunteer Form or signup online.
  • Thrift Shop flyers available
    Japanese fliers are available to distribute to friends.
  • Can you believe that Thrift Shop is coming?
    Please sign up online or and turn in a volunteer form.
  • Thrift Shop Readiness: donations
    Check here on what to bring and not to bring.
  • Thrift Shop Readiness: tags
    Tags are available in the business office: 110 yen/pkg.
PTA needs your help!
English  日本語  한글
Throughout the academic year, the PTA hosts a variety of events and activities. We rely on you as parents to assist us in various ways: listening to students recite Scripture, baking, setting up and serving food, praying, etc. We appreciate your willingness to participate! Please download the PTA Volunteer form in PDF or Word format and fax or send it to school. Feel free to e-mail the PTA with any questions. Thank you.
PTA Volunteer Form, English PDF Word
PTA Volunteer Form, Japanese PDF Word
Thrift Shop Volunteer Form, English/Japanese/Korean PDF

Daily 5: Read to Someone

French 1 April 2013
French 1 2013

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